Pornology New York (ENGL)
The synopsis


The first shot is the Empire State Building...shot by a thunderbolt, a vibrant and wounding omen. New York City is the protagonist of this story told through the eyes, the words, the lives of four amazing characters.
The pornologists.
Michele Capozzi completed his academic studies in law and social sciences by crossing the street of the University, which was bordering the infamous area around the port "i caruggi", and scouting the underbelly of his native Genova in Italy, before becoming the urban explorer since 1978 of the Big Apple.
Neville Chambers drove around the fascinating streets of London the creators of the 'swinging ' 60' - Beatles, Rolling Stones, Hendrix...- in a Bentley limousine owned by the music producer Robert Stigwood, before becoming the creator of a social and sexual experiment in his loft in midtown Manhattan the infamous Fuck Factory.
Lenny Waller, from the Bronx, since his teenage years has been exploring sexual openess and fighting social battles, from the riots with the cops at Stonewall in 1969 to the AIDS marches, overseeing the fulfillment of dreams and fetishes of any walk of life at the Hell Fire Club, in the meat packing district.
Porsche Lynn, from masturbating at six with her father's girlie magazines in mid-America, has become the living dream - as dancer, pornostar, mistress, shaman, rebel - of hundreds of men, healing their burning desires often in the safe torture chambers of the Den of Iniquity, in Chelsea. They organize a party at the Hell Fire in 2001, before september 11, to celebrate the old good new york of a time of of freedom, sensuality, experiment.
A city now gone with the wind, with the thunder, with the greed, with the pretention of safety and cleaniness.
Michele Capozzi felt that the Fuck Factory and the Hell Fire would close their gates soon and decided to document the last song, the last whiplash, the last fuck.
Jacquelyn Shulman, an american editor in her early twenties, watched 70 hours of footage with stupor, with irony, with disgust, and edited this 85' director' cut. A trip to hell and back.
But the spirit of New York is still alive. It will never be destroyed.
New sort of scientists, explorers, experimenters will keep the flame burning.
Pornology is the address welcome home.